About Us

So who are Pip & Charlie?  We get that a lot.

We are a husband and wife team, Dave and Angie Hoyle, that wanted to start a business together.  So with a graphic design background and a heat press we started an apparel business in 2016.

The heat press turned into the purchase of a 6-color screen printing press and then an embroidery machine.

Our first customer was the Greater Latrobe Aqua Club and this is how we got our start in spirit wear. We love helping organizations think of new apparel options and giving them custom in-house design ideas.

How did we get our name? Family is important to both of us. We have two kids and a large extended family. It was important to us to have a name that was part of both of us, but be creative and fun too.

My pap, Ray, always called Dave "Charlie" (he insisted he had a cousin named Dave that he called "Charlie" BUT I think it was the Yukon Jack talking when they first met). When our daughter was born, she inherited the nickname too.

Dave's dad has always had the nickname "Pip." He is hard working, down to earth, unique and goofy in the best way. I tend to call my son "little Pip" because he acts like his grandfather A LOT.

Pip & Charlie's was born from this...the perfect family combination between Dave and myself. If you are looking for custom apparel or artwork, we are the place for you!